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Dr. Farzana Bandali

Chiropractor & RMT

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Dr. Farzana Bandali is an evidence-based Chiropractor and Registered Massage Therapist. She is the co-founder and clinic director of Spine+ Wellness Centre, an award-winning multidisciplinary clinic located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Throughout her 15+ years of practice, Dr. Bandali has specialized in women’s health and is an expert in prenatal and postpartum care. She uses her knowledge and skills to help women feel aligned and balanced throughout their pregnancies and beyond. Her mission is to bridge the gap between prenatal and postpartum care by helping moms get stronger, and healthier, and prioritize self-care. As such, Dr. Bandali has developed a multi-faceted, integrated postpartum rehabilitative program that promotes whole body wellness, helping women heal and strengthen their bodies after having a baby.

Dr. Bandali is also a mother of two and resides in Ontario, Canada.

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