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Is mum bum normal?

Is mum bum normal?
Why does mum bum occur?
What exercises to do to help with mum bum
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Exercise classes for your first year postpartum

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Dr. Farzana Bandali, Chiropractor & RMT
Dr. Farzana Bandali, Chiropractor & RMT

Is ‘mum bum’ normal?

Yes, it’s completely normal! 
Learn why it happens and how to strengthen your glutes.

Why it happens...

As pregnancy progresses, your core and pelvic floor muscles weaken, causing the lower glutes to take over and act as a stabilizer. This extra strain leads to muscle atrophy, so the upper glutes start to compensate. The result you see is a heart-shaped ‘mum bum’.

What exercises to do...

Tune in to the Koble app to do postpartum exercise classes with Dr. Bandali.