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Families love using Koble

This app is a must-have for anyone who is expecting or new parents. There is so much great content and it’s wonderful to have great, expert advice when there is so much confusing information out on the internet. I love all the short videos and access to a variety of healthcare providers.
Koble has been the support system that I needed through pregnancy and postpartum. Having access to reputable experts, and being able to contact them when needed, has not only been useful but has given me peace of mind.
Working with Aidan was a lifeline for our family! In a period of intense sleep deprivation and a lot of confusion about how best to manage our daughter’s changes in sleep, she helped us make a plan and take action to improve our family’s situation.
Nothing can quite prepare you for motherhood, but with Koble experts available for my pregnancy and postpartum journey, I felt as ready as I could be! As a new mom, it’s easy to get lost on Dr. Google, so what I love most about Koble is the availability of expert-led sessions, covering a wide range of topics with the information I can trust.