Dr. Yolanda Kirkham


Dr. Yolanda Kirkham is an obstetrician gynecologist (OBGYN) who provides clinical care in Canada. She believes in arming and supporting patients with accurate health information to make smart, personalized treatment decisions. Dr. Kirkham is a patient advocate and women’s health expert featured in national TV and print media. She provides compassionate, patient-centred care for girls, women, and non-binary individuals of all age groups. Her clinical expertise includes all modes of vaginal and surgical deliveries and ambulatory surgery.

Dr. Kirkham joined Koble as Chief Medical Officer, to help advance the creation of a digital support system for growing families. Dr. Kirkham envisions a future where new and expectant parents can access the support of allied health professionals to complement medical care during the peripartum journey and beyond.

When she’s not juggling work and mom life, she is at her piano or hoping to resume stand-up comedy. Dr. Kirkham is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and can converse in Cantonese Chinese and French. For additional resources and support, check out Dr. Kirkham’s website.

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