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Strengthening your core and glutes postpartum

Includes the sessions:

  • Breathing techniques and activating your core
  • Strengthening your core: the basics
  • Beginner postpartum core exercises
  • Intermediate postpartum core exercises
  • Advanced postpartum core exercises
  • Postpartum changes in your glute muscles
  • Beginner postpartum glute exercises
  • Intermediate postpartum glute exercises
  • Advanced postpartum glute exercises
  • Top 5 exercises for core and glutes postpartum

Hosted by:

Dr. Farzana Bandali, Chiropractor & RMT
Dr. Farzana Bandali, Chiropractor & RMT

Grab your yoga mat and join us for some interactive glute and core exercises for months three to ten postpartum.