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Full-spectrum Doula

Charmaine Hinds

Full-spectrum Doula

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Charmaine Hinds is a professional full-spectrum doula, supporting parents through pregnancy, birth, bereavement, trauma-informed care, and postpartum care. She was trained through Cappa International and has been working with parents for the past 25 years. Through her experience as a professional doula, Charmaine brings a wealth of knowledge in assisting in a wide range of positive birth experiences: from complications in pregnancy, miscarriage, stillborn, and induction to natural home births.

Charmaine facilitates the Koble Expert Q&A by providing 1:1 support to members. She is thrilled to be a part of Koble and to build connections with members through an inclusive and welcoming Koble Expert Q&A experience.

Charmaine is also a mom of five and resides in Ontario, Canada.

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